Products of Takaoka Chemical Company are produced through various



 Mixing process of epoxy resin.
In epoxy mixing process, insulating performance is improved by initially removing water from the filler in vacuuming and vibrating fluidized bed dryer.
We employ QMC method for mixing. We deliver products with excellent cost performance to the customers by improving efficiency of use of raw materials by auto-measurement right before casting and by saving work force.
* QMC method is an abbreviation for Quick Mix Casting.
Mold making---- Maintenance of the mold is one of the most

                         important processes.

Maintenance of the mold is very important process to keep quality of the products high level. In mold assembling process before casting, tiny particle of dust is not allowed.
Therefore, mold is assembled in the clean room and mold assembling is performed after thorough cleaning and maintenance

Dispensing resin into the mold.

Heated mold heated in the heating machine is put into vacuum casting tank.
By dispensing the resin into the mold under the vacuuming environment, unnecessary air bubbles is prevented from getting mixed in the product. 

To curing resin process.

Mold which dispensed resin is put into heating cure oven, cure response of the resin is optimized by controlling temperature and time period. Products are separated from the mold after completion of curing, and then the product is secondarily cured.