Followings are introduction of our equipment. Various equipment is available for many lines.  

Mold Parts for the Gas Insulated Switch



The mold parts of the GIS such as insulating spacer and supporting insulator are indispensable, because of its superior electric insulating ability and mechanical character.

We can deliver various types and specifications of the GIS including but not limited to 22kVC-GIS、77kVC-GIS、168kVC-GIS, and 800kV-GIS


Road side mold disconnecter



The product with the high voltage live part is covered by epoxy resin, and the surface of it has an earthing layer is used for the high voltage on-load switchgear of the disconnector type.


Mold parts for Metal Covered Resin Mold Switchgear



Product used for the high voltage switchgear, active parts of which is insulated by epoxy resin. With this part, it is possible to build a compact power substation with high safety, and little influence from the surrounding environment.


Parts for cable connectors



Many mold parts are used for cable ends such as insulating tubes. These mold parts have superior insulating and mechanical abilities.

We can deliver various types and specifications of parts.


Ceramic capacitor



This is a mold capacitor for electric power in which ceramic capacitor is molded by epoxy resin.

We use the high quality ceramic capacitor with low loss, high withstand voltage, and small change of the static capacitance with respect to temperature and frequency.

The epoxy resin is used as mold material, which has god electric characters in electric insulation, anti-humidity, and high resistance to tracking, as well as high mechanical strength.

It is easy to install since it has not only high and low voltage terminals, but also a screw insert type terminal.


Epoxy resin post insulator



Epoxy resin mold insulator made by the automatic pressured gel method.

It has passed the Japan Industrial Standard test.





It has a superior surge voltage dumping function since its internal special device is the zinc oxide non-linear device.

At an incoming surge, there is no time delay for the trigger, since it has a no-gap structure.

Compare to the ceramic tube type, the epoxy mold type is well sealed and less humidity absorption which affects the internal characteristic factor.





Abundant materials of the FRP and choose the most suitable materials which matched specifications.


Beside the equipment mentioned above, there are many other equipment used various fields and developed by Takaoka Chemical. And our development group develops earth friendly products always looking at the forefront of the time. We are please to answer any questions.