Followings are introduction of our equipment. Various equipment is available for many lines. 

Super Efficient Transformer

2007 energy saving
Standard conformity article


Super Efficient Mold Transformer of low loss and high reliability has been further upgraded.

Takaoka Chemical has developed the most efficient energy consumption rate transformer.

Our transformer is an environment friendly transformer with one half of the previous model of the on-load-loss.


Mold transformer for measuring equipment 



Non-degradable electric insulation from the absorbed humidity

High reliability against age degradation from the high corona discharge voltage

High flexibility of installation since there is no orientation of the transformer


Coil for Linear Motor



The PLG type grand coil is to be installed on the track of the linear motor car, placed to face the super conductive magnet on the car. One coil has three functions, propulsion, levitation, and guidance(steering).

  We developed the product under the guidance of Railway Technical Institute with a government subsidy.


DC Insulating Transformer


High insulation reliability against high DC voltages  (Max DC300kV)

A dry type solid insulated transformer with epoxy mold resin as the electric insulating material.

High safety against disaster without insulating oil, of hard to burn, self extinguish insulating material of the epoxy mold resin.

It is oil-less and clean and easy for maintenance thus less labor cost for maintenance.

Long term reliability since it is made using the vacuum injected epoxy mold resin forming by the die forming.

It can be small since the DC live parts of three phase coil and bushing can be molded to a unit.


Beside the equipment mentioned above, there are many other equipment used various fields and developed by Takaoka Chemical. And our development group develops earth friendly products always looking at the forefront of the time. We are please to answer any questions.