The history of Takaoka Chemical Co., Ltd.
1918 TAKAOKA ELECTRIC MFG.CO.,LTD. was established in Takaoka-machi, Nagoya City for the purpose of production of transformers. Capital: \200,000.

Constructed a factory specialized in pole transformers in Jimokuji-machi in Aichi Prefecture.
(Presently, West factory of Nagoya Branch of TAKAOKA ELECTRIC MFG,CO., LTD.) 

1935-1955 Established a laboratory inside Nagoya Factory in Nishibiwajima-cho. Started a full scale basic research regarding electrical material.
1969 Delivered outTo make a presentation to International Tdoor molded transformers to the Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry.

Delivered the first 6kV Mini Clad of epoxy resin mold to Tokyo Electric Power Company.
The first built-in molded transformer in Japan. Has been producing and delivering built-in molded transformers.


Constructed a new mold factory and established intensive production system of mold related apparatus.
(Predecessor of the current TAKAOKA CHEMICAL CO.,LTD.)

1975 Started production and distribution of 6kV molded transformer of medium size for private sectors.
1977 Delivered the first 154kV Super Clad to Tokyo Electric Power Company.Started production of related mold parts.

Enlarged production scale of mold transformers. Produced and delivered molded transformer from 30kV to 2000kV to Miyuki Bldg. of Tokai Bank, Limited and from 6kV to 2500kV to JR Morioka Station. 

1980 Established technology of pressurized gelatification. Started production of molded disconnectors.

January 18th

Established Takaoka Chemical CO.,LTD., separating mold related department from TAKAOKA ELECTRIC MFG CO., LTD. Took over the production and distribution department. 

1983 Started production of molded parts for GIS.
1984 Started the series of F type molded transformer.
1985 Started production of outdoor hybrid type molded transformers and outdoor molded transformers.
1986 Started production of underground typed power supply transformers.
1988 Remodeled B class, F class molded transformer.

Made the world first delivery of epoxy insulation-ground coils for linear-motor trains.
Enhanced test facilities in the molded transformer factory (corresponding to 5000kVA).
Opened Tokyo branch.

1997 Started production of Ceramic Condensers.Obtained ISO 9001 (1994) certification.
1999 ISO14001 MERIT
2001 Started production of Arresters.
Stared production of Supertension Cable Parts.
2002 Started delivery of 800kV Single Phase Spacer.Installed AC500kV Imp 1650kV testing machine.
2003 Installed AC900kV testing machine.
2007 Enhanced molded parts factory for the second GIS.